The Godfather The Don’s Edition – PS3

With both the Wii and PlayStation 3 versions of The Godfather, EA has added in a number of control options specific to their motion-sensing functionality. With the PlayStation 3 version, that means that you can now shove people around and perform various execution kills with the Sixaxis. Much of this works only okay, mostly because you can’t always perform these maneuvers (usually the shoves) and you’ll sometimes repeatedly shove the controller around because you think it isn’t sensing what you want it to. When you are allowed to use it, the Blackhand controls are reasonably responsive, though it doesn’t feel as rewarding or “realistic” as EA would have liked. Really, it just feels like you’re suggesting what should happen and then hoping it does. As this isn’t a huge part of the game since you can just shoot a guy from a distance, it doesn’t really hinder or improve things in any way.

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