Black Desert – PS4

And the battle is fun. Black Desert online is probably the MMO that comes closest to the ideal of action-adventure solo battle, and there was not one of the eight classes, I did not like at a certain level. Take the Sorceress, who grinds the bad guys with black magic as a Shaolin monk passed the dark side. Consider the warrior, which boasts a wide range of combos to offer a less flashy but nonetheless satisfying experience. After several false starts (complicated by the expectation of a day to delete a character), I finally stuck with the Ranger, dodging enemies with backflips flashy and does damage and almost as much skill with his dagger as with his bow .
These gender-specific pronouns I was there are not my own choice, and it’s a bit of a problem. Each class is enclosed in a gender and race specific, although the wizard has an identical counterpart Witch and the Warrior more defensive oriented Valkyrie as an alter ego. But like the Berserker, Ranger, and the witch? You’re stuck with an ugly giant, a tonic elf women in short skirts, and a look-alike of Yennefer Vengerberg respectively. I find it funny because Desert Black Online first gained widespread attention on the strength of his character creator, but playing it reveals its current boundaries. While you can do fantastic things with faces, the wizard still looks like an old man, the Berserker is still suffering from a severe hunchback, and Tamer class still looks like a little girl. Worse, all existing gear sets for each class differ little from each other, so I seemed to walk among the many clones in the cities until I am close and personal.

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